Friday, December 15, 2006

our own online baby pool!

let's have some fun...we are going to have our own online baby pool!

Take some time and think it over, then go to the comments section of this entry and make a guess on:

birth date,
time of delivery,
weight...of the baby!
and gender

Also, be sure to sign your entry so we know who has guessed. We'll keep track of the entries and have something special for the winner! Don't waste any time, there isn't much time left! Happy guessing!
Joe and Kelli

The nursery is finished...just in time!

Two weeks and counting! Exactly 2 weeks from today is our due date! The nursery is ready, clothes are washed and Joe and I wait! Every day brings an increase in excitement and anticipation. And every night brings little sleep for me, but the end is least we hope.

Are you a boy or a girl?

We are ready and waiting! Thanks to Aunt Becky and Uncle Nick we have a sleeper for either a boy or a girl...aren't they cute!?