Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's GO Blues!

After 12+ years in STL Joe finally has a St. Louis sports team he will root for! This is HUGE! For some reason this season he likes the Blues and a friend from church gave us two tickets to todays game, so Joe and Toby had a father/son date and they had the time of their lives! They bought souvenirs, it was free food night and they saw the mascot! Toby was BEAMING when they got home.
(thanks again Nancy for memories that will last a lifetime!)

updates and pictures!

This winter Toby has done some REALLY fun things! When it snowed he shoveled the sidewalk and driveway with was really fun at age 2, we'll see how fun it is at 12!

Joe's parents sent Toby a Thomas tent! this is worth HOURS of fun! And oh, the personality! He wears a bike helmet and calls it his football helmet...he tries to put it on himself but doesn't quite have you can see.
He thought it would be funny to put on Piper's hat and play his guitar. I'm not sure he knows he is a BOY! He is surrounded by girls...where are all the 2 year old boys? We need a play date where ever you are...
We introduced him to Monkey Joe's! it is a great place to get rid of some energy!
and we went bowling with our church. our neighbors came with us...
Kim, our neighbor and friend, with Piper!
Toby and Piper in the tub...I can't believe how different they look...
we started Piper on FOOD! and she has loved it. this was day 1 of cereal.
She is sitting up so well and loves it, but she hates to be on her belly, I'm not sure she will ever learn to crawl.
My beautiful baby girl is all smiles!
and she has fully out grown the size 3 diapers...this happens at least 2x a day! incase you don't know what you are looking at...its poop!

She has even been talking. watch and listen. the other day she was talking on the changing table and she says, "da, da, da..." to which Toby proudly told her, "Daddy is at work, piper. Today is a work day." I love being a mom, and I have two amazing kids!