Thursday, April 15, 2010

mid week memories

We have been outside A LOT this week. Both kids LOVE the Kozy Koop and fight over it most of the time however, this day they decided to "share" in ride it together! the only problem is that Piper's bum didn't quite fit...

and we have introduced the kids to some great summer (food) traditions. This is a picture of Piper's Heaven... an icee from QT and a swing!

We also took the kids to Lion's Choice for $0.25 mini cones! They loved you can tell. and we aren't broke after buying ice cream for the family!

both my kids enjoy swinging, but the purpose of this picture is to let you know that Toby is FINALLY dressing himself, and with that comes his favorite clothing. You may have noticed that he is wearing this jersey in all of the above pictures however they were not taken on the same fact they were all taken on different days. And it's not even football season, Lord help me in the fall. But he is so cute!
We went with some friend to the Missouri Botanical Gardens and then to Tower Grove Park for a picnic with some of our favorite little girls!
while at the park, Becky and I went to split up an argument with the "big kids" and Piper made her way to Becky's picnic bag, dug out the bag of Twizzlers, sat down and enjoyed a sweet treat! She is a girl after my own heart.
This morning the kids were playing really well together so I enjoyed a hot shower, this is what I found when I walked into my room...
Piper used her potty seat as a stool to help her climb in the clothes hamper. (I guess it's good for something!) They also had their "blankies, and bunny and froggy" in the hamper with them.
Tonight we celebrated a friend's birthday with a "wash your bike" party. They blocked off a portion of a do-it-yourself car wash and let the kids ride and wash their bikes and scooters.
Piper isn't so great on a bike, but she did enjoy the cupcakes...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter this year and I realized the holidays get more fun the older the kids get. We went to two community egg hunts on Saturday and I didn't get any pictures because if I'd taken the time to focus and shoot the hunt would have been over! They are the shortest lived events ever planned! But so much fun for the kids.

Sunday we stopped by the Dillard's and Heather took a few quick pics of the fam.

Mid-week memories- Vol. back on the wagon

These are actually many weeks memories because I fell off the wagon. Actually the delay is caused from excessive tiredness due to PREGNANCY #3! That's right, I'm 10 weeks pregnant and due on Oct 31...which is appropriate because this is a pretty "scary" thought! Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good most days, but I'm always glad to move out of the first tri-mester! (just two more weeks!)

So since I wrote last, here is what we've been up to...
My sister (Lisa) and her girls came to STL for their Spring Break and we had a blast! The kids played so hard for 4 days I think they are still recovering. One morning we went to the zoo, here are some pics:
They were hiding their eyes from the camera, a fun game T likes to play these days...
took a snack break...
again, hiding from the camera...all in all it was a great day!
last weekend we went out to eat and then to Lowe's to buy more stuff for the basement...J was trying to encourage P to smile and went a little crazy with it.
We brought "baby" in with the hopes that she would play with it while we shopped...before long she wanted to walk with T...but I made her hold his hand to keep both of them close and it made for a sweet picture.
P LOVES riding in T's car seat! well, she pretty much loves everything he does!
Have a great week, and (hopefully) I'll make it two weeks in a row...again.