Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toby's Birthday at Gitmo

Well, as so it has been lately, we're finally getting around to announcing Toby's 3rd birthday. We had a small get-together at our house a few weekends ago. Kelli, as always, did a great job of organizing, planning, developing and producing a theme consistent with Toby's interests this time around. So, Fire Trucks it was. This lead to one of Toby's funnier lines lately while we were in the midst of trying to get everything done in preparation for the party...

"Yes, Toby..."
"What rhymes with truck???"
Granted, maybe it was the sheer timing of this question, but Kelli and I both broke out laughing as to what we were going to respond. Let's just say after trying to get everything done, we had a one track mind when giving, er, almost giving our response...
As to why this is titled "Gitmo"... please see below-

Apparently, they have softened the rules since Obama took over and now allow the detainees to have their woobies, but we are a softer, gentler country on terrorists these days... Kelli had the kids play "pin the spot on the dalmation" in honor of the Fire Truck Theme, but made for some interesting pics.

We are in the early stages of re-refinishing our basement, as we grew tired of the faux wood paneling and enormous Fire Place that led to nowhere. That and if anyone came to visit, they were relegated to the basement floor with a blow-up mattress. So, the kids had their party in the dungeon of Gitmo and they seemed no worse because of it.

After enjoying the surroundings for only so long, it was off to the Crestwood Fire Department for a tour of the Fire House. Aside from our kids, everyone was looking forward to it!
The Crestwood Fire department did a great job entertaining and informing the kids about their role and why its so important. The kids were able to see where the firemen sleep (if anyone is concerned about me saying firemen instead of fire-people, deal with it. it is used in the same context of mankind, hence everyone included. This is not the direction to look for PC anything!), eat, lounge, and work. Everyone also got a chance to shoot the fire hose out the back door.

Alas, our little guy is growing, but what a joy it has been and will continue to be. More to come on "Operation Gitmo" in the basement.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Blog... Really???

Well, for all of you wondering if we have fallen off the face of the planet, we have not... just planet blogspot. Here's the skinny, as some of you know, I undertook the wonderfully enjoyful task of gutting our quasi-finished basement over the holidays and subsequently disassembled our "office" space as well. On top of that, Kelli's computer has recently been rather tempermental and slower than The Supreme Court Justices clapping for Obama. (So, if anyone out there knows how to diagnose the source of a slowa** computer, please let us know :)

I am rather leery of Kelli doing any blog work on my work laptop (hope you're reading this, big brother HR department), so we have been non communicato.

Here's ths short-short version:
Joe- Working, playing with Kids, Trying to play with Kel, Deaconing, sleeping
Kel- Momming, Momming, Momming, tolerating Joe trying to play with Kel, planning to take over the world with Heather Dillard one summer ministry at a time...
Toby- Growing like a weed, being a great big brother, watching every possible train tv show and movie ever made.
Piper- Being cute, sassy, expressive, tempermental, adorable, and a wonderful tackling dummy for Toby
Max- Trying to avoid deportation to anywhere but here.

That's us these days. Kelli is promising to get her computer to a more functional state and I am promising to actully get cracking on the basement, so if you see many more blogs from me instead of her, know things aren't tracking as planned.