Thursday, May 31, 2007

Toby is officially 5 months old and still growing like a weed. He is also becoming quite the little traveler as well. Kelli and I took him to the lake house over Memorial Day Weekend where he was introduced to a swing, the kiddie pool and his active cousins Cami and Megan. Based upon the look he's giving the camera, its a good thing that it is only a single seat swing. I've already dubbed this his "How you doing?" look.

On Sunday, family friends of the Canatsey's joined us at the house for a bar-b-q and some washers (Midwest version of horseshoes played with wooden boxes, a paint can and literally washers. Description provided for you east coasters reading this :) The kids obviously had a great time and Jackson seemed pretty smitten with Cami... Uncle Joe has his eye on you Boy!

It is always a blessing for Kelli and I to get to spend some time with Lisa and Mark, her sister and brother-in-law. You'll see him later on in the show... Lisa is always so great with Toby and she had some assistance from Megan.

After the weekend Kelli continued on in her travels, this time heading down to Harrison, AR to see Cami graduate from Kindergarten! She worked very hard, and it only took her 4 years... it is Arkansas. Just Kidding, she did a great job. She was even asked to give the Opening prayer and did wonderfully! Congrats Cami!

Uncle Mark was keeping Toby occupied, as it appears he was ready to run out amongst the kids. With him being my son, its pretty easy to distract him with any type of ball! There are small tears in my eyes as I look at these pics. The coach in me wants to break down his "game film".

In picture 1, he's obviously protecting the ball with 2 hands. Please notice how well he's blocking out. Mark is clearly going over his back with his left hand to get to the ball. Great positioning Toby!

What tenacity! He's clearly getting fouled on the left arm, but rather than trust the zebras (which coaches never do), he's willing to use his face to protect the ball. A little man after his daddy's heart.

When Uncle Mark could finally pull him away from the ball, Toby is in great defensive posture, one hand up, one hand down, on the balls of his feet ready to move. Dad, please notice his reaching with his left hand. He's keeping the Wilmot lefty gene alive! At least his dad would like to think so...

As you all can tell I am highly delusional when it comes to Toby and his early athletic prowess, but he does now roll over from his back to his tummy and attempts to kick his legs. Crawling early? we certainly hope not! What we do know is the joy he brings us and the love we have for him. I keep trying to talk Kelli into #2, but we'll leave the timing in the Lord's hands.

Talk to you soon!

Joe- the Proud Papa

Sunday, May 20, 2007

what a week!

We have had quite a week. Joe's volleyball team went to the Missouri High School State playoffs and finished 3rd! Coach was very proud and so were Toby and I! My parents came to watch some of the games...and play with Toby.Then it was off to the lake for a family work weekend. Toby was a trooper. He played in the shade while we worked.

He ate cereal on the dock... (isn't he SO cute in that hat!)
went out to dinner...
and even went for his first boat ride. I'm not sure if there is a cuter picture of him yet! Lord, help us with the life jacket this summer!
shortly after this picture he fell asleep, I guess the life jacket won't be so bad after all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

movin' on up!

Toby has moved out of the sink and into a real baby bathtub (actually this happened a while ago, but I just got pictures of it.) He is pretty cute in the tub and LOVES bath time. Infact he cries every time we put clothes on him after a bath.

Progress, progress, progress! Toby is FINALLY excelling in tummy time! It seems like just yesterday that he would fall asleep when we had tummy time, and now look at our boy!

Monday, May 07, 2007

We have a tooth!

Toby turned 4 months old on Sunday, April 29th and his first tooth popped through a few days later! Now my single greatest task each day is to teach him NOT TO BITE! (I am still nursing)

You have to look hard to find it (bottom left), but believe's there!

We had his 4 month visit today and Toby weighs 17.1 lbs (85%) and is 26 1/2 inches long (90%!) Our little man is perfectly proportioned...and not so little!

Toby and I have a daily "love session"! It's my favorite time of each day. I tell him how cute he is, how much I love him, how proud I am of him, how strong he is and I kiss him a ton...
and now he is starting to kiss back! (or so I tell myself)
I have learned that it is best to keep your mouth closed! He is drooling a TON!