Friday, January 30, 2009

our updates...

Toby had a private and very special birthday party with his aunt Becky, and cousins Phoebe and Karlee. He was the first to choose a party favor and he went for the green stick on earrings and the football whistle. Despite lots of practice, he still can't get that whistle to blow!
We went to watch Jordan Thompson play basketball. Mya is a great pre-babysitter and Piper loves her!
While Mya kept Piper occupied, Robert played with Toby. Apparently Robert is much more fun than a girls varsity bball game. And funnier too!
At church Toby has been playing with his new friend, Jude. This Sunday they where learning how to work the flag week we could find someones undies soaring high above.

Our sweet Piper girl! She is rolling over and really wants to sit up on her own. She is still the happiest baby around and has a beautiful bright smile for anyone who will give her the time of day. She is a total joy to all of us...especially her big brother. there are many times I will catch him talking to her or kissing her on the head, or saying, "O, Pipes, you are a pretty girl." I hope to never forget those moments!
he was teaching her how to roll over.Like father, like son! Daddy has a Max and Toby has a Max! The other morning I went to get Toby out of bed and Max walked out of our room and down the hall. Toby said, "Oh, there goes Daddy's Max."
Earlier this month my grandmother turned 85! I took the kids by to see them and wish her a happy birthday. Toby loves going there because she always has a jar of gumdrops stocked for the great grand kids. If I don't watch him he'd eat the entire jar while I visited.

We had a great surprise one day...the gas company came with a big digger to dig up our neighbors yard to make repairs (not so good for the neighbors, but Toby LOVED it.) He saw the men were wearing hard hats, and asked me to get his Thomas helmet so he could be just like the working men. it was hours of entertainment free of charge!

Happy January to all...may the rest of the winter go FAST!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Toby turns 2!

Toby turned 2 while we were in New Hampshire, so we had a little celebration. He doesn't totally understand the concept of a birthday, but LOVES when people sing to him!

The rat is gone, the holidays are over and I'm finally blogging again!

I am sorry that it's been so long, all I can say is that December was packed. The excitement has passed and we are trying to get back to normal. here are a few pics from the last month...

Toby helped me wrap some presents, but he wrapped Piper instead.
For Christmas we headed to New Hampshire to be with Joe's family...
Grampy and Piper on Christmas Day
Piper and Emmie (only 3 weeks apart)
Toby and Ela heading out in the snow with the dads
Piper and the twins (Emmie and Tedy)
The twins Christening
The entire family...we grew by 3 in September!
my favorite picture of Piper
sleeping like!
Toby and Piper are REALLY cute together...He loves his sister!
This Christmas my mom gave us my table and chairs from when I was a child and we set it up in Toby's room. It's so fun to see him sitting there "working."