Monday, August 30, 2010

our focus these days

We are in the process of refinishing our basement and if you were to ask us how we are, or what we've been up to these days I can promise you we'd say something about our basement. We (Joe) is working feverishly to get the space finished before baby #3 arrives (on October 29th). Toby is a great assistant and is learning some valuable lessons by watching his dad's dedication to this project.

Piper does not help us move closer to our deadline, but she does add priceless fashion sense.
This is the "fire in the hole" stance which T assumes every time Joe shoots the nail gun.

Our new exterior door! It's simple, but I LOVE it!

Drywall is UP!!!!! this is the stairwell...

The main living space (which actually we will be drywalling the ceiling). This is where we will be all of November!


still more bedroom...
new stand up shower in the bathroom...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rainbow Recreation Play Time

Last week we went to the Rainbow Recreation Showroom to play on all their stuff! It was lots of fun and there was SO much to do! Piper enjoyed the, slides, trampolines and more! Toby enjoyed the basketball court!