Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Last night we embarked on an adventure known to some as Babies R Us! We walked in and sat down at the desk. We met with a very nice lady that gently talked us through the process and at the end of her instructions she said, "and the bathrooms are located in the back of the store." It was at that point that I thought..."What have we gotten into? Do you mean to tell me we're going to be here that long!" I wanted to ask where the snack bar was also!

We spent the next 2 hours laughing, arguing, and searching for things such as a bath tub safety sponge! We looked at breast pumps, nursing pads, and breast cream...WHAT, NOW I NEED A SPECIAL CREAM FOR MY BOOBS?! Let's just say that I looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car! I realized, for the first time, that Joe and I have NO IDEA what we are in for.

Then here was Joe with "the gun." Anyone who has ever done this before probably could have told me to NEVER let the man have the scanning gun. There is something that happens to him the minute his hand wraps around that scanner. He wanted to scan everything in the store whether we needed it or not. He was a man possessed!

When we had had enough, we decided we need to go get something to eat. We get to the car feeling totally beaten up. I felt like I had just taken a final exam that I hadn't study for. You know the feeling, "What the h*ll are they talking about?" Then Joe and I said together, "I have no idea what we just registered for."

I am so thankful for online registers. I can now take time to look over everything and see what we missed, or what my dear husband had scanned without me knowing.

What a night, next on our tackle Target!


Lance and Heather said...

Kelli, we felt the same way!! After registering we sat in the furniture section in two of the gliders to rest before we left the store. A Babies R Us worker asked us if we needed help and Lance said, "Do you guys serve beer and cheese dip?" We were exhausted! :)

The Whitmore Crew said...

Never give a man the "gun"! Something happens that just instinctly takes over - something like the remote - must be the natural hunter in them!
Hang in there - It only gets more exhausting...but then they smile at you and it's all worth it!