Friday, February 02, 2007

What a day..

Yesterday was his one month check up, so it started with bath time...

Then we headed to the doctors office to learn that our little guy is growing like a weed. Yes, the scale reads 11.1 lbs! that is almost 3 lbs in 4 weeks! He is 22 3/4 inches long, obviously taking after dad's side of the family.

All the excitement earned him a well deserved nap! Not wanting to brag, but he sleeps like a champ... as long as its during the middle of the day.

And as you can see above, if anyone wants to send Toby some mittens for this cold spell in St. Louis, make sure they are Men's size mediums. He'll be palming a basketball in no time, with his left hand of course. How early is too early to tie his right hand down so he can go to his left??? We'll find out.


megan said...

so kel i'm gonna take a guess and say that toby is going to be as tall as you in like 4th grade. he's growing as fast as my cousin amelia is. maybe they should date ;)

Anonymous said...

If you're really going to tie his right hand down, hand him a baseball. There are lots of basketball players that can use their left hand but even mediocre lefthanded pitchers make millions well into their forties. And big hands? Big curveball, huge split-finger. Toby can come to the
Roden Pitching Clinic anytime he wants. Love you guys! John

Anonymous said...

I can clearly remember visiting Joe in the hospital after his birth (yes, I'm that much older). He was lying on his side, and his shoulder was sticking up like he was wearing football pads. He was easy to pick out from the other tiny babies. Clearly, Toby takes after Daddy! He's a cuite, can't wait to see you all next month.
Cousin Karen in NH

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to say CUTIE, typing too fast