Monday, June 11, 2007

more pictures

This has been another big week for Toby! He went to his first "O'Doctor" mens softball game and watched his daddy's team win. He was dressed in the team uniform, thanks to our friend Shane Johnston who made Toby his own jersey...just like daddy's.

On Sunday we put Toby down for a nap. I was sure to lay him on his back, as all the experts have instructed us. When I went in to check on him to see if he was sleeping, this is what I found! This is the first back to front roll and we are so proud of our boy. (it's the simple things in life that we find so much joy in!) Toby is now a "mobile" infant and it's now part of his pre-sleep routine to spin in circles in his crib.

I had to capture a picture of Toby, just after his bedtime cereal, watching Sports Center with Joe. What you can't see is that Joe is sitting on the couch wit the same look on his face. What am I in for?

This weekend we bought Toby an exer-saurcer and he is now loving life. He was getting tired of laying on the floor and was ready to be stretching those legs! and what great legs he has...

Last night we went to a surprise party for my friend Stacey...Happy #35 Stace! It was mom's turn to dress Toby...and isn't he ADORABLE! I almost called JCrew to see if they needed a model. Even when he wasn't so happy he is still precious!

He is almost sitting up on his own...but as you can see, I don't trust him yet.


Lance and Heather said...

too cute! I love that last picture with his hand on his head.

life with the wisners said...

seriously, can he take the goo out on saturday night? va va va voom

Mary Drummond said...

I love that little guy, so much!!