Friday, September 28, 2007

no more carrots!

Do I see Toby with a mother's eyes? I have wondered for some time now if I see Toby differently than anyone else, because I see him as the cutest child ever. Then I think...maybe he really isn't that cute, what if he isn't even cute at all...but because I am his mom I can't see him for what he really is.

Well, in the last week 3 people have mentioned to me that Toby looks orange. WHAT? ORANGE? Is something wrong with his liver?...what does this mean? could he be turning orange and I not notice?...what do you do for orange skin? The best and final comment came from a nurse at his doctor's office (we went for a 9 month check-up...I didn't take him to the Dr. for orange skin) she walked into give him his flu shot and said, "well doesn't he look like a pumpkin" I thought she was referring to his reddish-orange shirt until she said,"he must really like those orange veggies." WHAT! is he really that discolored and I still can't see it?! I decided at that point Toby will never eat another carrot. (not really, but he has been eating a lot more green beans and peas)

His 9 month check up went well. He weighs 21.8 lbs (70%) and is 29 inches long (75%). The doctor said he looks like great...except for the orange skin. (emphasis added by writer)

Here are a few pictures from around the house...what do you think? Is he orange or does he just have great coloring?

joe liked his biscuit goatee

I think he is wanting to escape for some carrots...


meganelizabeth3 said...

it's not a mother's eye. you definitely have one of the cutest kids ever. seriously. :)
and once again i have found out that i, in fact, will probably be making a trip to STL between dec. 29th and jan. 3rd. i'll be in branson from the 28th to the 5th. and i'm just going to stay in between the conferences i'm going to. so a kamp friend wants me to come to STL to see her. i figured i could possibly see YOU and toby :) so i guess i could have emailed you all that. love ya

Lance and Heather said...

too funny. now that you mention it, he does a look a little orange. I mean, look at those cute little orange toes? JUST KIDDING!! I see NO orange at all. That's the funniest thing I've read/heard all day!

jessicabusse said...

I don't see the orange either, but I do see one of the cutest kids I have ever seen and that isn't a friend's bias answer. Sorry I haven't written back to your email... it's coming.

Karen said...

He does NOT look like a pumpkin. I have seen orange people (no, I don't drink) and he looks good to me. Let him eat carrots!