Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the many faces of Toby

The month of November brings more personality! Toby is quickly learning the art of a temper tantrum. It's really amazing how he can go from the most pleasant, joyful child to tears and total frustration in a moment. It doesn't happen often, but he is sure to get in a little tantrum practice at least once a day.

The other day while sitting on my lap he went through several emotion in the course of a few minutes. I had the camera with me because I was hoping to get some pictures of him playing with a beam of sunshine that was coming through the window...that is one of my favorite things he does. But as soon as he saw the camera he wanted to know what it was all about. So while sitting on my lap you can see him check out the camera, want to grab it, I won't let him, he pouts and before you know it he's smiling again! Lord, help us when puberty arrives.
this one is the best...he turned it on in hopes that I will give in! What you can't see is that the face was accompanied with a slap of the arms and shoulders dropped.

the mood is turning...he is talking to me here, probably telling me what he thinks--good thing I can't understand him yet
and there you have it...we're back to smiles

*his red cheek was caused by a crawling injury...those are common these days and never last long.


meganelizabeth3 said...

so... i think you might have a model on your hands with some of those looks in the pictures. haha. i seriously cracked up at the third and fourth picture.

Lance and Heather said...

Kelli-It's Nov. 9 so I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Heather would as well, but she's crashed on the couch. I think she's dreaming of wishing you a happy birthday right now...yep, she confirmed it with a loud snore. Anyway, hope you had a good day! See you guys in a few weeks. ld