Sunday, December 09, 2007

'tis the season

This weekend we introduced Toby to one of our favorite family Christmas traditions...cutting down our Christmas tree. It was really COLD, kind of rainy and the selection of trees wasn't very good. As we were walking back and forth through a wet field, I found myself this one of those traditions that is more fun in my mind than it is in real life? and I could hear Toby in a few years saying..."my friends just go up the street to get their tree."

Anyway, it is a Wilmot family tradition and we WILL enjoy it. Merry Christmas to all!


Auntie Joannie said...

I am sure when Toby is grown and looks back on his childhood, cutting down a tree will be a fun memory. I remember doing it with my Dad and Brother every year and I still laugh at some of our trees we had because my Dad waited till the last minute.
Love to all of you!

Auntie Joannie said...

I forgot to thank you so much for sharing those special moments with us back here, it's wonderful and appreciated.

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Is it possible that he got cuter?

The Wagners said...

I completely agree with Katie.

Lance and Heather said...

yeah, i agree with Katie too. His eyes are so beautiful. what a cutie!