Tuesday, March 25, 2008

happy easter

We had a great easter, spent the morning with family--Toby LOVES his cousin Phoebe and she loves him. they are really cute together.

the interesting thing of the day is that it SNOWED! we are so SICK of snow and so ready for blooming flowers. I guess it was pretty while it lasted, and it didn't last long, but I'm still ready for tulips.

new things...

my mom gave Toby a fire hat that he likes to wear. the problem is that the hat is 20 sizes too big, so here is the game...

put the hat completely over your head...

then walk around the house, until...

you run into something or someone.

It makes me laugh out loud!

he also likes to put whatever he is eating on his it was an orange, yesterday a's a fun game, especially right after a bath!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

is spring here?

yesterday it was 70! needless to say we spent A LOT of time outside. Toby loves being outside and throws a fit when it's time to go in. His favorite thing to do outside is swinging in the back yard and his favorite thing to play with all the time is my cell phone. I don't usually let him play with it, but it did make for some funny pictures.

a warm day, a cell phone, and goldfish...does it get better?
look at the expressions...who is he talking to?
this face is all for daddy! Joe pulled in as I took this picture and as you can see Toby LOVES his daddy!

singing and dancing

Joe and I love to listen to the newest Michael Buble' disc, and therefore it's become on of Toby's favorites as well. Joe taught him to use the bat as a microphone and he's catching on...sort of.

funny faces...

He poses now when the camera comes out...I'm not sure how he learned that, but he did! And when did he get so skinny?

pictures from hopefully the LAST snow of this winter

What a good boy...wanting to help shovel!
total frustration because the shovel is just out of reach
he's given up and resorted to relaxing with Max