Tuesday, April 29, 2008

an ode to ben and jerry!

once a year ben and jerry's ice cream celebrates a free cone day...and today was the day! So after dinner we took a family outing to get some ice cream. Toby enjoyed his first cone and LOVED it. he had ice cream from head to toe, it was on Max (our dog) and there was a trail of melted ice cream following him. When it was time to go we had to pry the cone from his sticky fingers and then the tears began to flow! Because I didn't have my camera we had to wait until we got home for a picture. he was considerably cleaner in the pictures, but you get the idea.


Becca said...

Dang! That was today! Arg... and I almost went too. But I said to myself, "you don't need ice cream."

Obviously trying to deny the pregnancy hunger cravings didn't work because I've got brownies in the oven right now.

Cute pics!

Auntie Joannie said...

That is one happy boy!! First ice cream is always a fun time! Thanks for sharing these special times with us back here, love it.
Love Auntie

Anonymous said...

so cute...aah, i miss that day! no ben and jerry's down here. :( sad.

heather d