Friday, August 08, 2008

new rooms


TOBY'S BIG BOY ROOM!we moved him into a new room and a new bed a couple months ago, but I have been really bad about updating the blog. He loves his new room and is totally adjusted to the change.

Toby has also been helping me get the baby's room ready. His favorite thing to do is take all the stuffed animals off the shelf and pile them in the glider, then he climbs in and pulls them all on top of himself. He was a big help as we finished the room and he will be a great big brother!
Update on the baby...I have decided that this baby is going to be our unpredictable child. During this pregnancy the heart rate has been anything from 130-175! (Toby, was in the 150's the entire pregnancy) It was head down for several weeks, then turned breech, and is now head down again. And it's FULL of energy...moving constantly. I would have thought by now it would slow down on the moving due to lack of space, but no! We go to the doctor on Tuesday to see if anything is happening.


Lance and Heather said...

I love Toby's new room and his bed is precious!! Where did you get that? Too cute. I got your fun message the other day about cotton babies - the organic store has gone boutiquey...sounds fun. A definite stop next time I'm in STL. Can we see pics of the baby room?

Auntie Joannie said...

Toby's room is very cute. We are getting excited about 2nd. baby coming, hope Dr. visit went well. I am sure Toby will be a great big brother, he's a cutie!!
Love to all of you

becky said...

oh all that energy its sure to be girl! Boys are way more laid back! (of course i don't really know b/c i have 2 girls but they both moved nonstop!)