Thursday, November 20, 2008

playmates already!

I was cleaning up our bedroom the other day and getting the laundry ready to wash. Piper was on the bed and Toby was playing with his fire truck on the floor. Then he kept saying, "Mommy, where Piper go? Pile of leaves?" (when Toby sees a pile of anything he calls it a pile of leaves) I was really confused until I looked up to see Piper covered in dirty clothes.

she's not quite sure what to think
When he had her adequately covered he would then pull all the clothes off and say, "Oh, dare Piper."
one time he tossed the clothes so hard they covered her face, good thing I was paying attention.


Katie's Photos said...

Good thing you were paying attention so you could get a picture right :)
They're sweet. I am pretty sure he's crazy about his little sister.

becky canatsey said...

that toby! so cute that he calls it a pile of leaves.i want to scoop him up. and piper...well she will be a tough one but she'll also light up when she sees that big brother! its a special relationship when siblings are so close in age...really cool to watch with your own isn't it! i'm really looking forward to having them wednesday. i miss toby a lot its been a while since we got time.