Thursday, January 08, 2009

The rat is gone, the holidays are over and I'm finally blogging again!

I am sorry that it's been so long, all I can say is that December was packed. The excitement has passed and we are trying to get back to normal. here are a few pics from the last month...

Toby helped me wrap some presents, but he wrapped Piper instead.
For Christmas we headed to New Hampshire to be with Joe's family...
Grampy and Piper on Christmas Day
Piper and Emmie (only 3 weeks apart)
Toby and Ela heading out in the snow with the dads
Piper and the twins (Emmie and Tedy)
The twins Christening
The entire family...we grew by 3 in September!
my favorite picture of Piper
sleeping like!
Toby and Piper are REALLY cute together...He loves his sister!
This Christmas my mom gave us my table and chairs from when I was a child and we set it up in Toby's room. It's so fun to see him sitting there "working."


becky said...

i love that pic of piper. her eyes are stunning. and toby at his desk...just like phoebe. she calls it her office now and i catch her during nap time sneaking out of bed to draw, sticker or cut one more thing real quick. maybe they can start a little business:)

Auntie Joannie said...

It was wonderful to have all of you here. It was so nice to meet Piper, she is a sweetie. I really loved spending time with her and to see how much Toby has grown. Can't believe he is 2. I remember Joe at that age. It was the best time!!!!
Love to all of you.
L Auntie and Uncle Matt

Cary said...

Rat? Oh gosh, you should've gotten a picture of that on here.
Kelli, your children are just BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing...
Cary Murphy