Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring break...

We headed to Florida for our first annual family Spring Break! What a week it was!
We had so much fun with the Thompson family and had a glimpse into what our life will be like in 10 year...raising teens! I'm not in any hurry!
the weather was not great to say it nicely...although this looks like a beautiful day, there were 40 mile an hour winds and it was in the low 70's...COLD. Toby and Joe are huddling together for warmth!
our bathing beauties!
The rest of the week was cloudy and raining. we drove home in severe weather...flash floods, tornado warnings, and when we got home it SNOWED! Crazy week for weather. this is just a glimpse of what we saw...


Auntie Joannie said...

Joe's Mom told me about your trip and thank God you got home safely. It's a shame to be in Florida and have such bad weather. Nice to get away. Happy Easter.
L Auntie

rachel said...

I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog-- specifically the potty training diary. I found it when googling for positive stories on training 18 month olds. I'm on day 4 with my 21 month old son and we are struggling. Reading your ups and downs is helping me to stay strong-- I have read it about 50 times and will probably read it 50 more before all is said and done. So, thanks, and best wishes to you and your family. :)