Tuesday, July 17, 2007

our house

On Thursday we will wake up in our sweet little home and go to sleep in someone else's house that we will call our own. Although it is totally exciting, it is also sad at the same time. This is our first house and we have some fond memories here...

  • our 2nd night as a married couple was spent here before leaving for our honeymoon
  • getting a dog 6 weeks later...he was tiny when we brought him home
  • learning to communicate with our Laotian neighbors who speak NO english
  • our first Christmas together...sharing communion before opening gifts
  • learning that our house can't handle the BIGGEST Christmas tree on the lot no matter what Joe thinks
  • the smoke detectors going off EVERY TIME I cook
  • spending Easter with my parents landscaping the front beds
  • endless hours spent re-arranging our furniture only to find that our furniture is too big, our house is too small and there is only one way it would all fit...the way it was before we started.
  • pre-pregnancy test lunch on the deck (I was scared to take it)
  • taking the pregnancy test
  • totally overjoyed, we were crying with each other in the bathroom and praying for the Lord to bless this child.
  • re-decorating the house to prepare for BABY!
  • taking Christmas gifts to the neighbors and re-introducing ourselves to the people down the street for the FIFTH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and then of course bringing home Tobias...I can't believe he was really this little

There are a million other special memories...too many to mention. We have loved our time here in South City and will be forever blessed for it. Now it's time to make new memories in a new house and make it our home. We can't wait!


MAJD said...

what does the new house look like?

Karen said...

Congratulations on your new house. It can be bittersweet to leave somewhere you have made so many wonderful memories, but you can take them with you and make new ones in the new house. Anywhere you are with your family is "home".