Wednesday, August 01, 2007

we grieve because we love

Janice Y. (Watts) Due
My very special aunt Janny passed away on Friday July 27, 2007. We spent the weekend with family remembering and celebrating her amazing life. She was strong, courageous, encouraging, full of love, never self-seeking, funny, and always happy despite a life of physical challenges. If I could only be half the aunt, sister and wife that she was, I would be in good shape.

In 1986 my aunt was very sick, her doctor told her that she would not live to see another Christmas. She looked up at him and said..."I am not going to die yet, I have not seen Lisa or Kelli's babies." I am so thankful that aunt Jan lived long enough to see our sweet little Tobias. She came for a visit in February after he was born. We named him "Tobias" because it means "God is good!" and today I am reminded again that the Lord is GOOD. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me an aunt, a role model, a mom, and a friend in my aunt Jan. I love her so much and will miss her everyday!


Lisa said...

Kelli the things you wrote about Jan are so perfect. Your words beautifully describe how special she was/ is to us all.
I am so proud to have a sister like you! I loved being with you, even if the circumstances were difficult.
I love you and miss you always