Friday, January 18, 2008

ch ch ch changes!

I stole this new blog layout from a fellow blogger, and I decided I am going to try to change this up from time to time...just to keep you interested! However in the process of changing the layout I lost the comments section and the email me section. I am working on it and hope to have them back up soon. bare with me.

For Christmas Toby was given his first set of golf clubs and when he isn't playing with a ball he usually has one of the clubs in his hand. I am trying to teach him not to hit Max or anything else for that matter with it. that's my challenge for today.
Toby giving Max kisses...they love each other so much!

Last weekend we spent Sunday afternoon as a family day. We went to the STL Science Center with Toby. He is still a little too young, but we had fun anyway. We went to the Discovery Room which has special activities for young children. There were so many thing to do there...musical instruments, a tee-pee you could get inside, a train table, blocks, a water station...I could go on and on, but my sweet little boy went straight for the BALLS! It's about the only thing he likes to play with these days. When I forced him to explore other things he throw a little tantrum, but we did get him to move on!

We finally got him into the tee-pee and he immediately turned and headed out...he was going back to the balls!

these pictures are taken from the bridge that goes over hwy 40. it's a fun place to clock how fast the cars are going.