Monday, January 28, 2008

sweet moments with Toby

These days life is filled with either very sweet moments with Toby or moments of wanting to pull my hair out. And the amazing thing is that no matter which moment we are in, I still am filled with undeniable love for him!

So let's focus on the sweet!
Sweet moment #1: (this is MY FAVORITE) At dinner time, as soon as we all sit down to eat Toby will hold out his hands for us to pray. He will hold our hands and sit quietly while we ask the Lord's blessing over our meal, our loved ones, and our lives. When we are finished he will say something along the lines of "Amen" (at least the inflections sound like "Amen",) and then we eat. It is one of the most special memories I have thus far in parenting. I wish we had a picture of it, but because we are all 3 required to participate that picture will be more difficult to capture (but I'll try.)

Sweet moment #2: many times I will be doing something around the house and will notice that Toby is very quiet! And as any mom's those quiet times that alert you most. The last few days I have found Toby sitting quietly in his room looking at his books. It is almost as though he is reading the books to himself. He will sit in there for 10 minutes or longer which I think is amazing for a 13 month old! Although he enjoys all his books, there is one that I continually find him looking through (I promise I am not making this up...) It is a book about the Red Sox. It is a board book, but there are no cartoon pictures, only pictures of Fenway, Wally (the mascot,) the Green Monster, Carlton Fisk and other famous Red Sox players, bats, balls, a score board...I am amazed that this is the favorite...but it makes his daddy SO proud!
note: today when I found him reading I realized that before he made it to the bookshelf he pulled all his onsies out of the basket and had them thrown all over the room! (it's not all sweet)

Sweet moment #3: well, maybe not so sweet, but pretty funny. Toby has a new face...he started making it on Friday. It is like he is laughing really hard, but he makes no sound. It's really funny!
Just a sweet picture!
Sweet moment #4: We have a sign language video that Toby enjoys watching and to my surprise he is learning it! Here he is saying "book." You put your hands together, then open them like a book...and Toby's got it down!

Not so sweet moments...trying to eat lunch with friends today. Toby didn't want to eat or sit in the high chair. He was only happy walking around the restaurant entertaining the other patrons. They all loved him of course...but needless to say, I have no idea how my friends are doing. Life is fun and challenging with a toddler!