Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the Kirkwood AIM band concert

For many years my grandfather, who plays the clarinet (and is a KU marching band alumni), has played in a local band to raise money for the Kirkwood High school music program. Each year they give a free concert to the community. A couple of years ago my cousin decided he wanted to join my grandfather and play in the AIM knows it's a family affair. Traditionally they end each concert by asking kids to come on stage and help conduct the band. They give the kids an AIM band pencil to use as a conducting stick and they play Stars and Stripes Forever. I can remember watching my cousin Anna on stage and now she is in grad school at Northeastern! So, to keep tradition going this year it was Phoebe and Toby's turn to take the stage...

he is really getting into it!
and then he discovered the eraser!
as you can see he was really enjoying that eraser.
after the concert we went to Nick and Becky's for dinner...look at how tired these kids are. It was a really long day! They were watching a kids program and as you can tell, Toby never did find his thumb, so from infancy he has sucked the back of his hand.