Monday, February 11, 2008

you never let go...

This past week has been rather challenging, not because of anything happening in our immediate family, but because of the tragedy around us.

Last week a good friend of mine, (my old roommate) received some devastating news. Their son, Noah, has a rare genetic disorder that is causing a degeneration of the white matter in his brain. The disorder is in a category known as "leukodystrophies" but they do not know yet what specific type of leukodystrophy is affecting Noah. Noah is currently undergoing a battery of tests in an attempt to identify the disorder. During this hospital stay, they may have a feeding tube inserted to better control his caloric intake and encourage weight gain. There is no treatment for this condition, only a management of the symptoms as they develop. Life expectancy cannot be predicted at this time but it is unlikely to exceed 10 years.

I get short of breath when I think hearing news like this! Please pray for Deb, Josh and Noah--and please encourage them with prayers, comments, etc. on their blog.

As most of you know there was a tragic shooting in Kirkwood last week. It took place at the City Hall building which is 1 block away from our church office. I was at our office in a meeting while the sooting was taking place. This was scary for me, but more terrifying for Joe who was at home with Toby trying to get ahold of me! Six people were killed and two injured. This is shocking and very sad. My heart goes out to the families of all that lost their lives that day, as they grieve and somehow try to rejoin life.

Sunday, our church service was a memorial serivce helping us all seek God in these sad times. We sang a song that brought me to tears, I couldn't even sing. As the words fell around me, all I could do was pray through my hurting heart.

the chorus is:

In my life currently, I have friends experiencing storms, and lows and I feel their pain as they are hurting. On the other hand, I have friends that are in the calm or a high place and I have experience joy with them. I find SO much peace and comfort in the midst of all situations knowing that the Lord will NEVER LET ME GO. and not just me...He will never let Deb, Josh and Noah go...He will never let go of those who are deeply greiving the sudden loss of a family member...and He will never let go of those who just found out they are pregnant, just got a new job, and those who are just enjoying life today. God is good and trustworthy and He will never let you go! What a wonderful promise to leave you with!