Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Potty training update...

wow, this is not easy! Today we had 5 accidents by 10:13 AM! In total we had 7 accidents and 2 successes. I was doing laundry during nap time so he'd have new undies when he woke up. By this afternoon he was understanding that I was cheering for him when he went on the potty...he really likes the celebration song we sing (we stole it from sister-in-law)


  • at 7:15 he pooped in his diaper (we hadn't put him in big boy undies yet) then he said, "mommy, potty" and he went into the bathroom!
  • each time he had an accident he told me right away. He'd say, "mommy, uh-oh...poo poo" (it's all poo poo to him right now)

failures or frustrations...

  • after 20 minutes on the potty (watching Elmo) he got off and wet his pants 5 minutes later! that happened a couple of times today.
  • the poop accident! gross!
  • sitting on the floor of the bathroom when the phone 8 months pregnant it is not easy to get up in 4 rings.
  • knowing how much to put him on the potty so he doesn't get sick of it. by the end of the day when I said, "let's go sit on the potty" he'd whine a pitiful "no" and head the opposite direction.

well, tomorrow is another day. I am hopeful that next Tuesday will be better than today was. Small steps!


Cars Cars Cars said...

5 accidents in one day !!!!!!!!!!!!