Monday, July 14, 2008

things are getting better

after a full week, I am seeing some improvements...LITTLE though they may be, they are steps in the right direction!

yesterday while we hosted a party for a friend of ours who just returned from 2 1/2 years in Honduras, Toby went 3 times on the potty...and one was #2!!!!!!!!!!! Of course he also had about 7 accidents yesterday too. We choose to look at the bright side. He really is learning what it feels like to have to go, and tries to get to us to tell us. And I am learning to read his signs...he usually grabs himself right before he goes, so we rush to the potty and sometime we make it and sometimes we don't.

we are all learning and I am thankful for my very involved husband. I couldn't keep doing this if he wasn't helping me. I am blessed to have him as a life-mate, parent-partner, and mostly my husband!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweet heart! Toby and YOU are doing great! Don't expect too much too soon, it will all fall into place and the "light" will click on for Toby real soon and you all will be so happy you did this at 18 months. And the tradition lives on in yet another generation ;-)
Aunt Boney

Lance and Heather said...

Keep it up Toby! It's a family tradition. :)

P.S. When he's got it figured out will you come to my house for 2 weeks? I'll pay you. :)