Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mid-week memories vol. 1

here we go again...I am going to try to be committed to the blog again.
I have recently seen in the "blog world" people giving a weekend summary including thoughts, events and pictures from their weekend, which I think is a great idea. My problem with that is that every weekend looks exactly the same for us right now...Joe works on refinishing the basement and I entertain the kids with various activities. Nothing too exciting about that, so I thought I would expanded the review to cover an entire week, then there might actually be at least one fun thing to report or document with either picture or video.

My goals
1. To update the blog every Wednesday
2. To take at least one picture a day
3. and take one video a week.

and that's it...I have to keep it manageable or I'll quit!

These pics are more that a week old, but this is week 1 so I can include whatever I want...right!?

We love the playroom at the Transportation Museum...and my little character loves to dress up.

With the basement remodel we make frequent trips to Lowe's...the kids love the "tractors."

and because the work in the basement is loud, we've been spending a lot of time (at least nap times) at my parent's house. Piper goes strait for their reading glasses...and Toby loves reading books with Lala... (oh, and I love drinks from Sonic)

Swim Lessons! We have been taking swim lessons for a few weeks and they both LOVE it! while I was getting ready on Friday, P came around the corner wearing her swim diaper on her head! She is a character.

It's warming up!!!!!!!!! and now I can't get Toby out of shorts. and what Toby does, Piper also wants to do. The other morning they were VERY quiet and in T's room, then out they came...both in Toby's shorts (he helped Piper put on a pair!)

Joe had to go to Indy for work this week and as he was getting packed T wanted to go also, so Joe helped him get into work clothes! Isn't he the cutest "working boy" you've ever seen!

So that's it for now...have a good one and we'll meet back here in one week! (hopefully)


Sara Ellison said...

The kids are so cute! DARLING!
The drinks from Sonic stands out however... I recall back in the days of being a youth intern when I was chastised for my love of big gulps... hmmm... interesting!