Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mid-week memories vol. 2

Look out Blog's two weeks in a row! I haven't written this many posts in months! We've had a fun week and the best news is that Dunkin Donuts has made a come back to the mid-west. that makes us all happy...

the weather has been warm enough for front-yard picnics, bike rides and swinging! all things the kids LOVE! now we're just waiting for the grass to turn green...hopefully that will happen before Memorial Day.
T and P have fun playing "nap time"...I'm not going to complain about that game!
her new look...dispite any forward progress, I am still making a run at potty training P, and this is her "at home" attire.
this weeks favorites...I can't get these adorable green shoes off P, she refuses to wear anything may be saying, "really she's 18 months old, surely she doesn't pick out her own shoes." But let me set the record straight...for months this girl has had an opion about pretty much everything, and she's not afraid to share it.
T went on a date with daddy and came back with Buzz and Woody! they now top the charts as being the favs in the toy chest.

until next week...


Ben and Erin said...

Yeah! :) It's so good to see what you all are up too. I love that you are back to blogging. I'm doing it about once a week too these days. We'd love to see you guys again soon. Looks like you are keeping busy and having fun. We are loving this play outside weather too. Your kiddos are such cuties. :)

life with the wisners said...

dude. those green shoes are perfection.

Megan said...

do you remember the incident at Dunkin Donuts in Branson when you took us [as freshman] to the Young Christian Teens Conference? because i can't pass a Dunkin Donuts without cracking up laughing.